About Us

Organization Vision

The vision of LEAF is to involve the community in the development process through awareness creation on their potential and resources for achieving self reliant social and economic development initiatives. This will be achieved through enhancement of skills and capabilities of the communities and involving them actively in the development process.

Organization  Mission

The mission of LEAF is to create opportunities for providing sustainable livelihoods for the rural families, especially vulnerable sections and ensures sustainable livelihood, clean environment, good quality of life and human values.

Organization Goal

The goal of LEAF is to promote self governing communities and organizations for reduction of poverty through participatory approach by achieving basic rights, education, health security, gender and social equality and livelihood security for the poor.

Join your hands to became a partner, volunteer, resource mobilization, fund raising, documentation, documentary film making, Monitoring and evaluation to support LEAF for  empowerment could be brought about by individual and collective action towards bringing about changes in political, social, educational, cultural and economic structures.

Key  Objectives

  • To empower the tribal, agriculture labourers, small and marginal farmers through participatory approach.
  • To initiate livelihood support through land, forest and skill development with sustainable alternatives by initiating revolving fund.
  • To attend and address natural calamities
  • To address the issue of gender discrimination and works for the gender rights.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying activities for the rights of tenant farmers and agricultural labourers.
  • To mobilize Government resources for the target communities economic development.
  • Promotion of savings and credit program for the economic development of the communities.
  • Promotion of people’s organization for sustainable development.
  • Net working among the target communities to improve the relationship to solve the problems and issues which are blocking for their empowerment.